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  • Stroke; Symptoms and Recovery

    In a normally functioning body; blood supplies oxygen to all the cells in the body. If this oxygen supply is hindered due to some reason, then serious consequences might occur. In the case where blood flow and therefore the supply of fresh oxygen to the brain cells are affected these could cause a stroke. The hindrance to blood flow could be due to a clot in the vessels or due to the bursting of blood vessels. The former is the case that is called Ischemic stroke, and the latter is a hemorrhagic stroke. More than 87% of stroke cases reported in the US are Ischemic stroke making this the most common one among the two types of strokes that occur. Knowing about strokes and understanding the warning signs can save a life. In those cases where stroke symptoms are not picked up at an early stage severe damage including paralysis can occur. There are some who are left with a permanent disability if a stroke is not identified and addressed at the right time.

    Symptoms of stroke

    1.    Aphasia – this is where the brain’s ability to process speech as well as to deliver speech can be affected. Brain tumor, brain injury and stroke are the causes of aphasia. A sudden feeling of incoherence in speech, slurry speech or understanding what is being discussed should be taken as a red flag.
    2.    Walking difficulties including the inability to take stable strides and the presence of dizziness can indicate the possibility of stroke.
    3.    Early signs of paralysis could come in the form of numbness followed by feeling weak and the loss of sensation on one side of the body. This would be the side that is opposite to the side of the brain that is affected by stroke.

    Face drooping, arm weakness; speech troubles are the following signs that one should immediately look for. If you only observe face dropping or numbness on one side of the face and no other symptom continues then wait for a few hours. This could also indicate the possibility of Mini stroke or transient ischemic attack. If a combination of these symptoms occurs then this indicates that it is time to call for help.

    After stroke symptoms and recovery incidents:

    When treatment is given on time, there are many who can bounce back to their normal self without any difficulty.

    •    Following a stroke, it is important to follow a healthy diet and cut down all the unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.
    •    There might be specific exercises recommended based on the condition, and they are to be religiously followed on a regular basis.
    •    Sleep is essential for those recovering from a stroke.
    •    If there was partial or complete paralysis of the limbs, these limbs should be worked regularly so that the brain doesn’t get used to the limb not being used.

    There are plenty of programs that are tuned to help those who are recovering from a traumatic stress incident. These can be very supportive in talking about the ways to prevent the recurrence of stroke.

  • Never Lose Your Health Again

    “Losing your health means you lose everything.” Many might know about this saying that projects the importance of maintaining your health for long as once lost it is hard to regain. Often, smoking habit; alcohol and other harmful drug intakes; and lack of knowledge on proper nutrition and hygiene contributes to health loss. This is associated with symptoms like tooth decay, hair loss, mental disturbances, and signs of early aging, bone generation and life-changing illnesses that almost take your life. Make sure this does not happen to you and switch to a healthy lifestyle that could will your health.

    Stop damaging yourself. Avoid using those unhealthful toxin substances that can take away your happiness in the long run. Taking advice from the expert doctor and following the recommended medication procedures could help you to get back to your normal life.

    Refill and hydrate yourself. Try to understand your natural body and make small changes in your diet so that you get enough of everything. Almost all vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, fat and proteins are essential for the body, and you could get these from digesting different foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, and other animal products. Adding appropriate salt to your diet is also beneficial for acquiring sodium and potassium that helps in proper functioning and signal conduction throughout the body. Even, having a handful of nuts is good for body fitness.

    There is another category of people who are allergic to certain food items. Consider, for example, the lactose intolerant that cannot have milk products that are a great source of calcium and proteins. So, find an alternative food that could help you get these essentials in the adequate amount that will maintain your bone weight and help it keep stay healthy. Make sure you also have enough supplement of vitamin D that will help in proper calcium absorption by the body.

    Do not be lazy. Maintain proper body hygiene and performing physical exercise matters a lot for an active body. Oral and hand hygiene are equally important because the food we eat passes through these directly into our guts where the colonization of good or bad bacteria happens that further aid or thwart the digestion process. Ensure your body is clean and wear fresh clean clothes to minimize infectious germs.

    A tough daily workout can relax you by shedding off those extra pounds, keeping fit and flexible.

    Regular medical check-ups are a must. This makes you informed about your body health status, and you can act accordingly. For example, there exists a variety of diseases connected with our hectic work schedules and lifestyles like hypertension, asthma, depression, weight gain and so on, that can be identified and treated before they run too severe. Also, early diagnosing of certain deadly diseases is possible by this method and can be arrested without allowing them to spread further infection.

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    Boost Your Health With These 5 Tips

    People always prefer to lead a healthy and happy life so that they can live longer with their loved ones. Setting apart the fact that one cannot tackle the pre-existing or genetically-related risk factors we inherit at birth, we can always do our bit to aide good health and stay in control of other unfavorable chronic conditions.


    Here are five great tips for a healthier you.


    1.    Make sure you always opt for a healthy diet that has to be taken on time. Foods like green vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals, milk, eggs, and meat are something that could load you with the essential vitamins and nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and much more. These are required by the human body for getting energy, proper functioning and for the quick repairing of the wear and tear that is being caused due to the daily activities. It also helps your body to build up resistance that could fight against disease-causing organisms.


    1.    Drinking lots of pure water should be made a habit. Ensure you take in at least eight glasses of water that keeps you well-hydrated for the day. Indeed, this is vital for maintaining the proper balance of the body along with its heat regulation. Also, for the appropriate signaling or coordinating activity between the different organs of the body, the minerals from water play an important role.


    1. Sound sleeping routine is essential. Experts recommend eight hours of daily sleep for a human body to sound correct. Avoid short napping during the day hours so that you do not get deprived of regular sleeping hours in the night. In reality, following this step, can bring out the happiest person in you and also helps in effectively dealing with stress factors that may accompany you.


    1.    Engage in regular workouts and healthy practices. Irrespective of your age and gender, you must continuously involve in physical exercises that lend your body good shape and fitness. Also, it can burn away the extra fat that is present within you and could take away the symptoms of unhealthy issues like cholesterol and such. This is also helpful in releasing the stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine in both male and female that can boost up your energy as well as lift up your mood by circulating a right amount of oxygen throughout your body. Personal hygiene is equally essential. It is beneficial to eradicate the sweat that could otherwise create odor and would stay as a medium for germs to grow. So, clean up your body and always stay fresh by wearing clean clothes and other accessories.


    1.    Be positive and face the whole world with a sweet smile. This practice can genuinely work wonders because your body believes in what you think. In effect, your body would possess a good immune system and pack you with good energy to deal with every situation creatively. Also, your charming face is the best key to look younger forever.